How Retail Brands can Achieve Growth in a Post Pandemic Landscape

For as long as I can remember, business planning always had a clear direction – it was based on making a decision, and then simply planning for your future, knowing and foreseeing (mostly) certain obstacles.

Recent events have shown us that this is not so today. We are now navigating around new, unplanned and ever-changing rules, regulations and restrictions. We are all trying to ensure that we all travel down the same path to safety, making the need for adaptability and compliance paramount, whilst still maximising our brand. We are needing to find new, creative solutions and ideas, which previously would have been overlooked or not even considered.

So Where are we Going Today?

Now that we can get over the start line for overseas travel, we are resuming our survey activities across Europe and have surveyors based in 7 countries. They have been undertaking Store Mapping activities and have been working in an ever changing and unplanned environment. The way shoppers behave is now completely different to anything previously recorded, thanks to Covid.


Our traditional Store Mapping services are split into 3 areas:


This methodology ensures all Point of Sale collateral has been identified, measured and listed in a manageable database, and provides critical information in assessing campaign materials deployment, maximising effect and minimising waste. This meets the principal objectives of most client companies.

As we progress away from lock-down, we see more directed footfall around the shop, barriers and one-way systems, so we are needing to review and adjust the location of prime promotional displays. This is now even more important that in the ‘old normal’ days.

Here is a practical checklist on what we have found to be the best way for brands to best position themselves in this new retail landscape:

Move Online

One trend that will stick around even after the pandemic is over is online shopping. More people stay home to avoid crowded areas and they are now more inclined to make online purchases. This habit is convenient and safe, so people will stick to this for the long term. Seamless integration between online and offline shopping will see you get ahead of your competition. Mobile checkout, scan and shop, click and collect are all ‘hybrid’ shopping experiences that will become more popular as time passes.

Change your Message

Safety is at the forefront of every shoppers mind and as retail shops open, the most basic thing people look for is health and safety. Having hand sanitiser and health and safety protocols will improve your brand and encourage shoppers to come back, knowing they are safe. Controlling the number of people in store and avoiding overcrowding is also paramount. Communicate these plans to your customers in your marketing and social media messaging.

Ongoing Commitment to Customer Service

Ensuring and promising an ongoing commitment to customer service and safety will build credibility in your brand both now and post pandemic. Whatever policies you implement, keep your customers informed and respond to their concerns. Communicating updates and changes to the customer lets them know that you’re ahead of the game.

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