To Brand or not to Brand that is OUR question 

To Brand or not to Brand that is OUR question


the activity of giving a particular name and image to goods and services

so that people will be attracted to them and want to buy them’


As Brand Ambassadors for a plethora of well-known products and retailers, you would expect us to know the answer to this quandary. We are installers of Point of Sale product displays and graphics, implementing Campaign promotions on behalf of brand owners, retailers or agencies across the UK and beyond.

Our Focus is to promote our Client’s brand rather than ours!!

Our own Marketing and Social Media team are constantly trying to think of how we protect our anonymity on behalf of brands, retailers and agencies which we are representing, whilst promoting our own business and services in the very same environment that we are trying to protect.

Can you see the dilemma?

We’d like to ask your opinion on 3 scenarios that we currently implement depending on client requirements: 

  1. Should our vehicles, fitters, and reporting carry our client’s brand name in terms of livery, uniforms, and logos?
  2. Should we have our own branding to ensure high visibility of a well-known, familiar, and respected implementation team?
  3. Should we go fully “White Label”?

There are of course, ‘pros & cons’ for each of these options and we have listed examples for each of the questions posed

  1. Client Branding

PRO: A seamless image delivery from warehouse, transit to store
CON: A heavily branded vehicle and staff working for a client with high value products is potentially attracting unwanted interest in their goods in storage or in transit. This could be targeted for theft or damage and could lead to a further risk of brand images being left discarded or ending up in landfill sites. This is not projecting the image that had been originally planned.

      2.Focus Branding

PRO: The use of our own branding ensures the service destination is aware that the installation or survey work is being undertaken by a third party. This provides a lower profile for the brand at a time when a promotion is being deployed ahead of a launch date. This might be preferable in a number of instances, depending on the specifics of a launch campaign.
CON: Uncertainty about who is responsible for our presence in store and creating an air of confusion.

      3.No Branding – White Label

PRO: Building Trusted Relationships – As we are regular visitors to most leading, multiple retailers across our field of operation in the UK, Europe, and beyond, the familiarity of OUR brand has benefits from security access and instore communications. We build an ongoing trusted relationship, irrespective of which specific brand we are working for at any particular time.
CON: No readily identifiable source of contact in the event of any queries or additional requirements

Can you help?

We’d like to ask the audience!

Our simple 1-minute video highlights what we do and where we do it using our White Label service but ends with us sharing the logos of brands we have worked with. For our own promotional needs this is a contradiction of a White Label service!

So our question to brands, retailers and agencies is “does the visibility of the brands we work with influence your decision to select us as a strategic partner in your campaign delivery?”

You can view the video here

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