#TakeCare with Social Distancing – Avoid a Fine

#TakeCare with Social Distancing – What this Means for you

Definitions of “Take Care”:

Collins: To pay attention; be heedful.

Oxford Dictionary: Be cautious; keep oneself safe.

Thesaurus.com: Be alert; be careful

We have all been advised over the past few months to #TakeCare in our lives, which of course has been massively important in relation to containing the pandemic virus. #TakeCare has punctuated every comment, post and article that has been written but for many, it still seems like an ambiguous term and people are left unsure as to what this actually means for them.

We all need to take care in everything that we do; with our family, in our homes, with ourselves and also, in our businesses. Whilst we can all use common sense in our domestic lives, our business and commercial activities are very much monitored and overseen by Health and Safety Executives [HSE]. It’s of paramount importance that we get this right.

We have all seen dangerous practices. These are always eye-catching and rightfully portrayed as stupid, unbelievable and frankly, sometimes ridiculous! These things are what health and safety executives are there to prevent but sadly, the health and safety executives are too often pilloried, mocked and mis-represented in the mainstream print media for their “‘elf and safety” actions and regulations.

This job below can be done – just not like this!!


There is nothing in HSE regulations to stop you from doing anything, all you have to do is……

  • Minimise the risk of any task you are doing

  • Clearly set out a method for your employees to minimise the risk

None of these phrases instruct us to do nothing. They are in place to make sure we are safe and compliant.

We don’t seem to have solid, clear advice as to what we need to do to ensure health and safety of people in our workplaces and so, I have been quite alarmed over the last few days with the rising political clamour for institutions and businesses. They are looking to begin investigations into the methods that businesses have deployed for ensuring that they are undertaking their essential tasks within the Covid Lockdown period.

Businesses are doing their earnest best to survive AND ensure the welfare of their staff as they return to work. The main responsibility is for the employer but the employee has to also be party to staying safe.

We are in uncharted territory with the virus, which isn’t helped by even the most experienced medical and scientific experts disagreeing over the best course of action. Regardless of this, the amount of design, creativity and manufacture that has gone into the Point Of Sale sector is incredible, with suppliers and retailers working together to create many solutions for a safe working and shopping environment.

To have all this effort invested, this huge entrepreneurial effort and massive investment from retailers, yet still risk blame and a fine is really unfair and unnecessary. All of us are simply trying to restore normality wherever we can for the benefit of all of our local and national communities.

Let’s support everyone’s efforts, help them to #StaySafe but not to hound, criticise and prosecute.

You can view our social distancing brochure here to view everything that you need to #staysafe in your working environment.

In our Point of Sale business, we prioritise the health and safety of our teams, our clients’, our staff and the premises we are working in. It really has to be at the forefront of everything that we do. We have even developed a number of social distancing packages to aid businesses in their reopening with Covid-19.