Boutique Experience


When asked to describe our business services the other day I found myself using the analogy of a Boutique hotel or service.

Having worked for both multinationals and small businesses I can clearly see the merits for both in terms of deploying POS and installation projects. However, what I love about my business today is my ability to deliver a service focussed on delivering fewer projects well, offering a personalised approach with intimate attention to detail.

To me the boutique experience is about taking a product and creating an experience, something that both surprises and delights and where there are no hidden extras.

In my business that means listening to the brief and then baking in my years of experience to develop a proposal that is fully loaded and built to cover you for every eventuality, keeping you free from those dreaded added extras based around:

Poor logistics or route planning

Delays due to access issues or security compliance

Poor installations and re-visits due to lack of specific tools or fixings

Our centralised and dedicated approach to managing the delivery of our projects by someone who has been there, and not only learned the lesson but used that lesson to create a better experience is what we love and luckily for us, so do our clients.

Why not tell us about some of your experiences which you think we can learn from, – you don’t need to name any names but we’d love to hear and learn more from others’ experience, good and bad, to add to our knowledge bank and allow us to drive and deliver even more value add to our service.

Go on….share an experience now, we are always ready to share our experience with you!!

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