How the Workplace is Changing and How to Stay Compliant

Here at Focus Retail, as well as our core installation and survey services, we often deliver client promotions at International airshows across Europe and Asia including Paris, Geneva, Dubai, Singapore and Farnborough. We provide vetted teams of people to match the required client profile and then interview, brief and train the diligently selected staff to ensure we can maximise the presence of our client at each and every event.


With future Airshow events rapidly adjusting their formats after the massive impact of Covid on both tourism and business travel, we are needing to be increasingly diligent and flexible to ensure planned events go ahead safely.

 Many companies are now thinking about how to progress with promoting their businesses and as a result of Covid, we started looking at ways to brand our teams regarding safe distancing. As a result of this, we developed a package of items for retail, offices and outdoor events that ensure compliance and safety so that your work day or event can run as smoothly as possible.



It’s important that all visitors to your workplace are aware of your social distancing protocols. You will need to display clear and informative messaging on a range of print solutions in certain areas of your workplace to protect your employees or visitors. Ensuring they are all aware of social distancing protocols and that have the option of mobile sanitisation is paramount to stopping the spread and getting your business running again.

Certain areas of your company building such as the reception, desk areas and lift areas will need special precautions putting in place. We have made it easy to enforce these messages with bright, easy-to-understand signage.



We can supply graphics suitable for any existing display stand or structure, or even supply the displays and structures in their entirety as well. 

If you would like to enquire about how we can help you to safely plan your next event, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can view the range of social distancing items and packages here.