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Stand & Deliver

‘Stand and Deliver’ I was considering a play on words for our next post to demonstrate that Agencies & Brands can simply hand over their next Display STAND for us to DELIVER, install and enable with 100% compliance. However, I was troubled by the potential negative connotation of Highway Robbery which could potentially join the […]

Aisle find it somewhere – How to Understand the Changing Buying Behaviour whilst Maximising Instore Purchases

Over the years of working in Point of Sale Marketing and designing and installing retail displays across the world, we have learnt a thing or two about buying and shopping behaviour. The archetypal female shopper likes to browse, review, select and then buy, whereas male shoppers are historically renowned to ‘know what they want’, go […]

How Retail Brands can Achieve Growth in a Post Pandemic Landscape

For as long as I can remember, business planning always had a clear direction – it was based on making a decision, and then simply planning for your future, knowing and foreseeing (mostly) certain obstacles. Recent events have shown us that this is not so today. We are now navigating around new, unplanned and ever-changing […]

To Brand or not to Brand that is OUR question 

To Brand or not to Brand that is OUR question Branding: ​ ‘the activity of giving a particular name and image to goods and services so that people will be attracted to them and want to buy them’   As Brand Ambassadors for a plethora of well-known products and retailers, you would expect us to […]

#TakeCare with Social Distancing – Avoid a Fine

#TakeCare with Social Distancing – What this Means for you Definitions of “Take Care”: Collins: To pay attention; be heedful. Oxford Dictionary: Be cautious; keep oneself safe. Thesaurus.com: Be alert; be careful We have all been advised over the past few months to #TakeCare in our lives, which of course has been massively important in relation to […]

How the Workplace is Changing and How to Stay Compliant

Here at Focus Retail, as well as our core installation and survey services, we often deliver client promotions at International airshows across Europe and Asia including Paris, Geneva, Dubai, Singapore and Farnborough. We provide vetted teams of people to match the required client profile and then interview, brief and train the diligently selected staff to […]

How to Deliver Exceptional POS Installations in a Reduced Retail Market

Turn your Imagination into a Reality How to Deliver Exceptional POS Installations in a reduced Retail Market Having planned, built, measured and delivered POS displays for both multinationals and small businesses for many years, I can clearly see the merits and the differences in both when it comes to deploying POS and installation projects. We […]

Taking Off in a New Direction

We have just landed back from the Singapore, Dubai and Paris Air Shows where we have been providing Event Management Services and the provision of a highly motivated promotional team through 2017 and last month. Our tickets are booked for Geneva in May and the GPS set for Farnborough in July where we will be […]

Boutique Experience

THE BOUTIQUE EXPERIENCE When asked to describe our business services the other day I found myself using the analogy of a Boutique hotel or service. Having worked for both multinationals and small businesses I can clearly see the merits for both in terms of deploying POS and installation projects. However, what I love about my […]

Back to School

…when it comes to Back to School Displays and Merchandising If you are looking for an experienced and reliable team to support your best ever Back to School POS Campaign, look no further. Focus have studied plenty of best practice, passed lots of exams, spent time in the classroom briefing our fitters, experimented in the […]