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Tailoring our approach

Whilst we love to wax lyrical about our capabilities to provide national and international high volume installations, we’ve been busy over the last couple of months with a rash of High End technology brands requiring individual store installations using quality bespoke display units. Working within Flagship John Lewis and Carphone Warehouse sites we have managed […]

POS Allocation Savings

The real cost of allocating POS by store size We look at a case study with the result of savings over £600,000 per annum for just one item. A recent Store Mapping audit for a major retailer across 800+ stores, to record the presence and status of their existing POS hardware, revealed the startling impact […]

Easter 2016

ALL YOUR EGGS IN ONE BASKET?? With so much to do in the 4 weeks before Easter why not lighten the load in your basket and let Focus manage your POS campaign for you? POP INSTALLATIONS STORE MAPPING* MERCHANDISING Call us on 01844 210659 or email callme@focusretail.co.uk and we will be there Store Mapping is […]