Aisle find it somewhere – How to Understand the Changing Buying Behaviour whilst Maximising Instore Purchases

Over the years of working in Point of Sale Marketing and designing and installing retail displays across the world, we have learnt a thing or two about buying and shopping behaviour.

The archetypal female shopper likes to browse, review, select and then buy, whereas male shoppers are historically renowned to ‘know what they want’, go straight into store, buy it and leave.



Since coming out of lockdown, early indications in a number of retail sectors seem to be showing that sales are holding to expected levels, however, customer volumes and time instore are reducing. The Office of National Statistics said “In June 2020, the volume of retail sales increased by 13.9% when compared with May 2020 as non-food and fuel stores continue their recovery from the sharp falls experienced since the start of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. The two monthly increases in the volume of retail sales in May and June 2020 have brought total sales to a similar level as before the coronavirus pandemic, whilst levels have still not recovered from the sharp falls experienced in March and April.”

This is clearly indicating that shoppers habits have changed. People are now researching what they want online, reviewing and comparing in their own homes and then once decided on their purchase, they are heading out to the High Street or Retail Park to buy their chosen products or picking them up from a ‘Click & Collect’ service.

This shift means that your advertising and branding must be much more closely monitored to ensure an homogenous platform between shopping online and instore. You now need to steer and guide the shopper to their chosen product range or category easily. Whilst this has always seemed an obvious plan, in practice, we don’t always see this manifesting itself.

So is this the new normal?

If early reports of lower numbers of physical shoppers but the maintenance of sales revenue in store continue, then there is now a real need for matching your online presence to the clear areas and zones in store.

So how do you do this?

Historically, our Store Mapping service has been used to collate details, produce plans and build databases of POS collateral in store, with a view to ensuring the campaign materials are fit for purpose. It also helps to minimise waste and maximise investments in print and display materials. Now, it is clear that in this new environment, Store Mapping can play a vital part in giving insight into the planning, layout and implementation of much clearer instore areas for customers to ensure they arrive at their chosen product with ease after researching online.

In addition, there is still a need for traditional campaign branding, as the journey to the chosen product offers many opportunities for the impulse sale. It is almost like going back in time to when sugar and flour were placed in the furthest point away from the entrance in grocery stores. Everyone knew that was where to find these staple products, whilst passing a whole range of enticing products on the way.

Design and layout compliance is easy to implement online as once it is there, it isn’t going to change. Instore, there are so many variables that consistent compliance is hard to maintain.

Focus Retail Services Installation Service will ensure that your store is clearly identifying your customer’s target location, whilst maximising branding opportunities along the way.

Our installs are also supported by real time reporting and results analysis. This is so that we can monitor results and ensure successful campaigns in this changing landscape.

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