Store Mapping

With surveyors strategically located around the UK, experienced in surveying and auditing- we can visit your retail estate in surprisingly short time

Our over-riding raison d’être is to provide as many experienced people as possible to visit as many retail premises in the shortest amount of time to capture data

This often sounds like a challenge too far for many people but for us at Focus, it is simply what we do everyday

Well, we say simply only because we have done it so often and really know what we are doing

The biggest challenge when planning a new POS promotion is knowing where your designs, stands and graphics are going to go in each and every store and will it fit?

So whether you just need to know how many poster frames, stands or marketing opportunities there are or if you need a detailed measured survey to generate you scheme – leave it to us to get out there, collect what you need and hand it back to you neatly packaged in a database, CAD drawing or photo images hosted on our dedicated portal

Our experience tells us to quiz and question every aspect of your brief before e do more than just head off into the wild blue yonder – It is easy to get answers to questions on a form but the key is, are they the right questions and will the answers provide the information you need?

On receipt of your brief, we fully research your ultimate requirements and goals, run a number of test surveys and present the results back to you to ensure the results make the whole process worthwhile

Any survey is a snapshot in time, so data maintenace is a vitally important element and somethnig we’re keen to ensure your real estate portfolio is up to date with new stores, changes and additions being merged into your database of results

Our tailored databases house your results and images to ensure you can drill down and make full use of the captured data and put it all to good use for your next campaign or project

Whether we are using tape measures, lasers, an abacus or fingers to count or record the size of your real estate or the items in it, – we get it right first time

  • Nationwide & Europe
  • Range of skill levels from flat pack to shopfitting
  • Online real time reporting