Tailoring our approach

Whilst we love to wax lyrical about our capabilities to provide national and international high volume installations, we’ve been busy over the last couple of months with a rash of High End technology brands requiring individual store installations using quality bespoke display units.

Working within Flagship John Lewis and Carphone Warehouse sites we have managed these low volume high quality shop in shop time sensitive installations from end to end.

Our experienced project management team has been focussed on demonstrating superior communication and client relationship skills through all phases of the roll-out, and even extending to liaison with individual stakeholders within each store to agree and schedule valuable out of hours installation times.

Due to the technical nature of both the display units and the product itself our installation team required a number of skills combined with acute attention to detail in order to hit the high specification requirements of these projects.

Our aftercare support was ready on hand with our (24×7) aftercare package, although it was rarely required it gave our clients the peace of mind needed to ensure these targeted launch campaigns went smoothly.

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POS Allocation Savings

The real cost of allocating POS by store size

We look at a case study with the result of savings over £600,000 per annum for just one item.

A recent Store Mapping audit for a major retailer across 800+ stores, to record the presence and status of their existing POS hardware, revealed the startling impact of generic Small, Medium & Large allocation.

Problems with this type of allocation manifest themselves with disproportionate numbers of display windows, low ceilings & physical space restrictions. This all leads to mis-allocation of POS materials and waste.

One element of the survey focused on the use of external promotional banners in the car park. It became apparent early on that the size of the car park was not intrinsically linked to the store size there were also a number of factors which prove this method of allocating POS is outdated.

  • Car park ownership
    • In some cases parking is shared with local authorities, shopping centres etc and display opportunities are restricted.
  • Missing or broken display hardware
    • Inability to use the allocated display materials and display opportunities are wasted
  • Bespoke site restrictions
    • Multi-storey car parks, lack of usable perimeter space and planning restrictions

Although we have focused on one issue for the outdoor element of the Store Mapping, the issues are similar for all elements of POS – hanging signs, poster frames, window graphics, end caps, floor decals and light boxes

This particular client has 4 campaigns per year in over 800 sites covering an average 60 pieces of POS hardware and display opportunities is over 192,000 print items. A simple 10% saving on these allocations would be 19,200 items resulting in savings in excess of £600,000.

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Easter 2016


With so much to do in the 4 weeks before Easter why not lighten the load in your basket and let Focus manage your POS campaign for you?




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Store Mapping is our specialised service for visiting a network of shops to collect survey, audit and collateral data for all of your POS