Project Management

Let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning“.  – Winston Churchill

Allow us to lead you up the critical path – we have the people, the experience and the systems to take your project along the Focus path to a job well done

Get all the benefits of our experience by bringing us in early to help out with dealing with getting all the ‘ducks in a row’ ready for your promotional launch or roll-out

We offer an outsourced service which you can switch on or off to meet the timings and budgets of individual projects, leaving you free to manage your relationships with your clients whilst knowing we are looking after your interests 24/7

Our service has been honed to perfection over many years of managing our own projects and we continue to do this with our Store Mapping & Installations operation.

All of our project systems and resource are cloud based and so we are able to simply turn up at any location, laptop in hand, and get going straight away looking after your project, whether that is from your offices, ours or on site.

Also, our site reporting is online together with a downloadable app for Analogue or iOS devices. So we can even get your installation crews on line to enable us to monitor project progress, once on the road, in real time

Daily results can be viewed online in a normal browser by any authorised person ensuring that crucial site date is readily avaialble to anyone authorised to view

We can of course use our own installation resource or support yours with our experienced fitters providing a really flexible solution to your project requirements

Projects are really like the proverbial London Bus – they all come along together – generally with standing room only!!

So when you find yourself under pressure with too much to do in too little time, call us and we can provide highly experienced POS Project Management to manage your project to completion

  • Nationwide & Europe
  • Range of skill levels from flat pack to shopfitting
  • Online real time reporting