With fitters strategically located around the UK, experienced in fitting displays, equipment & graphics – we can visit your retail estate in surprisingly short time

Our over-riding raison d’être is to provide as many experienced people as possible to visit as many retail premises in the shortest amount of time to launch your promotional programme

This often sounds like a challenge too far for many people but for us at Focus, it is simply what we do everyday

Well, we say simply only because we have done it so often and really know what we are doing – the reality is that rolling out any multiple visit is all about getting our ducks in a row and picking them off one by one – at high speed!!

“Retail is Detail” [this quote came from James Gulliver who while at Fine Fare and Safeway laid down the ground rules for supermarket retailing along with Jack Cohen – the founder of Tesco]

The quote has served the largest of retailers well and it is a maxim we have adopted and put into practice for every project – our attention to detail filters through the whole pack of people involved in a rollout on both sides – yours and ours

Whether we are selecting shopfitters, electricians, kit assemblers or merchandisers to place and merchandise your displays – we get it right first time 

Whatever we are doing, the first stop is back to school – all of our fitters or merchandisers are checked on the register for morning assembly at the start of a new project, ready to learn their new subject on their timetable. Their teacher (your PM) will share their knowledge of your project to allow them all to graduate with a first in your project subject. By the time the bell rings all the pupils are equipped and ready to ‘rock and roll’

It’s now that the roles change and it is the pupils who issue the reports, each visit is recorded via the Focus app on their mobile device and data and images are sent back in real time to us and you for review and checking. Once the project is complete all the results are held in a database which can be relentlessly quizzed for reports covering all elements of the completed job.

Also, our site reporting is online together with a downloadable app for Analogue or iOS devices. So we can even get your installation crews on line to enable us to monitor project progress, once on the road, in real time

Daily results can be viewed online in a normal browser by any authorised person ensuring that crucial site date is readily availalble to anyone authorised to view

We have loads of space to store your kit during a rollout programmes so bundle it up and send it over to us for safe keeping and distribution. We are ready, willing and able – call us now!

  • Nationwide & Europe
  • Range of skill levels from flat pack to shopfitting
  • Online real time reporting