Route Planning

Lost the plot? – Fed up entering postcodes for your calls on Internet Maps?

Send your list of calls to us together with key bits of info and we will plot your calls for you, we will need you to prep some info for us to give us a bit of a clue – all or some of the following will do.

  • Project timeframe
  • a list of Post codes
  • locations of your planned number of fitters / merchandisers
  • estimated time on site
  • site access times
  • vehicle size where goods are carried

With the above info we can work our magic and provide you with individual call plans in carefully crafted Territories ensuring you can meet your project targets on time, on budget and keep it green.

Using your info we can personalise each territory to reflect availability of your guys and girls, allowing for planned absences, commitments, school runs, shopping trips and holidays. We can wave our wand once more and include planned re-loads based on vehicle capacity. This feature ensures your wheels are turning as little as possible and maximising journey times with goodies in the back of the van rather than rolling around empty With all your visits planned and time and mileage added up we can issue you with call sheets for each person which have planned dates and times for each call. Don’t panic – we know only too well that the best laid plans get changed at the last moment – we can re-work your call plan to adapt to all these annoying changes. So you now have a route plan and you can either use it with your own people or just leave it to us to brief our very keen PM’s [perfect mortals or project managers? – they tell us it is one and the same!!] to deliver your project on time and budget whilst meeting our company target of “right first time”

The combination of these 2 services can be seen by you in real time as our fitters / surveyors use the Focus app to photograph and data capture the results of all our handiwork and relay it back to your chosen device – tablet, mobile or desktop Press “Focus” on your SatNav and let us direct you to the quickest route to your POS solution