We’ve got a number of ‘signposts’ to direct you to the quickest Focus to you POS solution.

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How will we get to all of your shops in the shortest possible time?

Getting our talented, trained and enthusiastic people to lots of retail sites to undertake installations for POS projects in the shortest time possible is what we do every day of the year. Typically 200-500 store visits across UK & EU locations in a matter of days, although we are equally able and willing to undertake just a few or go large with thousands.

Store Mapping

What is Store Mapping and do I need it?

Store Mapping is our name for collecting and collating data from multiple locations and delivering it via technology online and in databases. Our surveyors are a talented bunch; they can count, measure and draw to capture the information you need to plan your next promotion or project

Project Management

Too many projects on at once and burning the midnight oil?

A plan for all seasons! – When you are under pressure to deliver more and more projects at those busy times – you can outsource your projects to our experienced PM guys to deliver your project on time, on budget and hassle-free

Route Planning

Ever felt you are on a one-way street going the wrong way?

Let us point you in the right direction with our clever call file mapping service. Our crew can plot all of your project KPI’s, based on team numbers, workdays and locations into a whizzy route plan. This routing can factor in individual work-plans, optimise re-loading requirements, minimise re-fuelling and ensure the grass is greener on your side of the corporate fence.